Levels Diagnostics

Making a new golden standard in diagnosis of bacterial infections

Diagnosis of bacterial respiratory tract infections remains a challenge today. There is an unmet need to quickly differentiate bacterial from viral respiratory tract infections (e.g. the flu). Even when using  the current golden standard (CRP), 40% of antibiotics prescribed are still unnecessary. This leads to side effects, delayed adequate treatment of the patient and the emergence of resistant bacteria. Current commercial biomarkers, CRP and PCT, leave room for improvement in performance (sensitivity and specificity) but are increasingly being used as no other option is currently available.

Levels Dx is using activated immune cells as biomarkers to allow an accurate diagnosis of a bacterial infection in patients. The products developed are a FACS immunoassay (to be used in the hospital setting), followed by the development of a rapid diagnostic tool (to be used at the primary care setting). The Rapid Diagnostic Tool (RDT) will provide accurate results within minutes and is portable.

Levels Dx is a team of three MSc. science graduate and ambitious founders that have raised 260K of non-dilutive funding (Merck funding and several grants). Currently two FTE are supported by major academic experts, currently performing a second clinical trial with two renowned hospitals. The Intellectual Property derived from the clinical studies is fully owned by Levels Dx.

Coen Breedveld
Blandine Le Tallec
Mark Schoonderwoerd
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