MAXAM Medical

Diagnostic and treatment device for pelvic floor dysfunctions

MAXAM Medical is a start-up company that develops medical devices in the field of Urology, Gynaecology and Gastroenterology.

The company’s first product is a diagnostic and treatment device for pelvic floor dysfunctions, such as prolapse, micturition, defecation and urinary and faecal incontinence.

MAXAM has exclusive access to an innovative technology which enables more efficient and effective diagnosis and treatment, resulting in a higher cure rate and a lower recurrence rate. MAXAM’s development activities are carried out in close collaboration with the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC).

MAXAM Medical has been acquired by Novuqare in 2012

Jeroen Voorham
Fiebke Op de macks
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Acquired by Novuqare in 2012