Mission MS

Unique pathways to a Multiple Sclerosis free world

Mission_MS is developing leads for novel medications to treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a progressive autoimmune and neurodegenerative disease that damages nerve cells and eventually leads to severe disability. The disease is first diagnosed at age 25-35 and currently, there is no cure. Therefore, lifelong treatment to lower disease activity is required. Given a total of 2,5 million MS patients worldwide, the medical costs for treating the disease as well as the related societal costs due to loss of productivity are enormous.

Mission_MS is committed to contributing to lower MS disease burden by developing therapeutics that stimulate myelination and nerve cell repair through modulation of key genes driving these processes. The use of genes as drug targets is based on novel and unique insights into MS disease mechanisms inferred from the function of risk genes in patients with MS. With the experimentally validated MS risk genes, Mission_MS will be capable of setting up an IP portfolio of drug target-compound combinations focused on myelination/nerve cell repair with the potential of completely stopping and reversing the disease process.

Mission MS brings together extensive expertise in the fields of Molecular Cell Biology and (MS) Genetics. Mission MS will be established from Drug Target ID (DTID). DTID was founded as a spin-out company of  Radboud University.

Wiebe Kruijer
Geert Poelmans
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