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Preventing pressure ulcers with smart monitoring

Pressure ulcers are a major problem in healthcare. They cause pain, suffering and cost over €15 Billion in the EU each year. The best way to prevent these wounds is by regularly changing the position of the patient (repositioning). However, in practice this method leads to either undertreatment (more pressure ulcers) or overtreatment (time waste and patient inconvenience). This is caused by lack of information about how the patient has been lying in bed.

Our solution provides continuous insight into the position and movements of the patient. We use this information to give smart guidance to nurses, involve the patients in repositioning, and provide overview to wound specialists. In this way, it is possible to reduce pressure ulcer incidence with more than 50%. Momo Medical is the only company with the technology to detect position with sensors placed beneath the mattress, using our proprietary algorithms. Because of this, we can provide our clients with the best method of pressure ulcer prevention with a payback time of less than one year. Currently we are investigating the best way to protect our intellectual property.

We will launch our product in the Dutch hospital market. At a later stage we will expand to nursing homes, revalidation clinics, and potentially home care within the Netherlands and the EU. Starting October 2017, we will run a paid pilot with the Reinier de Graaf hospital and the Pieter van Foreest nursing home. At the end of 2017, we are looking for a €1 million investment to finish product development and start sales mid 2018. Without making changes to the hardware, we can gradually expand to other applications. Based on breathing rate and heart rate detection, we will be able to detect situations like patient deterioration, epilepsy and sleep apnoea. In this way, we will become the extra set of eyes for caregivers around the world.

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