High throughput screening in vivo – for translational and preclinical product development

The path to bring a new medical treatment to the market is time consuming, often resulting in short exploitation of patent protected market sales. Getting these treatments from a working concept to a product into a clinical study and entering the market takes 10-15 years with a preclinical phase of 3-6 years at substantial costs;

At Multiscreening, we developed a patented technology to introduce High Throughput Screening (HTS) for in vivostudies, allowing our customers to increase patent protected market sales by 4 months for each animal experimental series being performed, leading in average to 1-2 years increased protection in the whole preclinical phase. Our product is a disposable mutliwell plate, which we call HTS multiwell device.

Our beach-head market will be in preclinical research (including translational research) in regenerative medicine and biomaterials, where we have validated the HTS multiwell model against the conventional way of doing in vivostudies in preclinical development for a novel cartilage repair technology and for biocompatibility studies of commercially available biomaterial products. The validation has confirmed the same quality of data.

Our business model is to sell the HTS multiwell device as a consumable. We envisage that the use of HTS multiwell devices could be extended to pharmaceutical applications, but still needs to be validated. In 7 years, we expect to reach 30 M€ in revenues. We are looking for a 2,3 M€ investment to upscale production and validation for entering other market segments such as drug development.

Our team is composed of Dr. Carlos Mota, an assistant professor in the complex tissue regeneration (CTR) department of Maastricht University. He has been at the base of the development of the HTS multiwell devices. Prof. Lorenzo Moroni is a professor of Biofabrication and chair of the CTR department. He contributed to bring 3 products to the market. Mr. Kenny van Kampen is a PhD Candidate at the CTR department. Kenny develops new technologies and manufacturing strategies to produce topological library scaffolds for regenerative medicine. Dr. Jeanine Hendriks has a PhD in regenerative medicine and 15+ years’ experience in Product and Business Development. She founded 4 companies in regenerative medicine and 3D printing and brought 5 products to the market in this field. We look for a CEO that will push the business development, spanning from acquisition of funds to marketing and sales.

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