MyLife Technologies

Nanoporous MicroNeedle Arrays (npMNAs), integrated into a patch for drug delivery through the skin

MyLife Technologies are developing and commercializing a platform technology based on nanoporous MicroNeedle Arrays (npMNAs), integrated into a patch for drug delivery through the skin. Our choice for ceramic material and nanoporous microneedles provides us a unique position in the field of microneedle technologies. They penetrate the stratum corneum and the outer skin layers but do not reach the sensitive nerve endings that lie in deeper tissue, thus making drug administration painless and comfortable for its users.

The micro-needle arrays will primarily be used to reliably administer a wide range of drugs such as vaccines and anti-pain medication in the outer skin layers, i.e. the (epi)dermis. MyLife Technologies offers tailor-made npMNA designs, which vary in needle and array dimensions, number of needles per array, and array cavities. The arrays, consisting of multiple needles and a seamlessly connected back-plate, have a nano-porous structure, which enables storage of pharmaceuticals.

The arrays are integrated into a skin patch, which can be easily handled and applied by the user and which allows for self-administration. For vaccines, there is an additional benefit: the intradermal delivery of vaccines in the vicinity of the dendritic cells makes it possible to tap a vaccine dose sparing of a factor 10 to 100 compared to intramuscular injection. This makes the technology an attractive solution for delivery of (generally costly) therapeutic vaccines.

Regina Luttge
Mike de Leeuw
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