Creating a global community around microbiota and its interpretation for a healthier living.

MyMicroZoo™ is a company that offers microbiome analysis and web-based tools to gather meta-data (e.g. age, health-status, exercise logs, etc.) as service to the general public, allowing them to gain knowledge and understanding of their microbiota through an innovative platform. It will be established as a spin-off of BaseClear B.V., a well-established genomics service provider. The MyMicroZoo™ team has significant expertise and experience both in microbiome research and also the commercial and entrepreneurial capabilities required to succeed with a start-up service company (Appendix A). Initially, the company will avail of the equipment at BaseClear for technical processing of the samples. Results will be distributed to the customers via web-based applications that will be custom designed for easy access. In a second market, MyMicroZoo™ will offer services to research organizations and companies that are planning research activities in the field of gut microbiota. Companies and research organizations can avail of the MyMicroZoo™  community database to approach specific user groups or define their own. MyMicroZoo™ will offer the infrastructure  and logistics to conduct the proposed research. These partnerships will aid in obtaining large numbers of fecal samples in combination with associated meta-data and therefore help expand the database. MyMicroZoo™ intends to further capitalize on this by datamining to identify biomarkers and better understand the relationship between the microbiota and health status as well as elucidate the effect of interventions on microbiome and health.

Derek Butler
Jos Seegers
Startup activities

Venture Challenge Spring 2016