Humanised muscle models for preclinical testing

There are more than 500 neuromuscular disorders, yet only 5 drugs have been approved to date. Poor predictivity of current preclinical testing models hampers drug development and largely accounts for a stunning 97% of drug failure.

Myonovum offers an innovative preclinical testing service for in vitro drug screening using iPSCs and humanized muscle-on-a-chip 3D technology. Our technology allows versatile neuromuscular disease modelling and physiologically relevant functional measurements, such as contractile force, ultimately providing a more effective tool for preclinical research.

Myonovum is born in a joint effort of scientist from Erasmus MC, LUMC, and Wageningen University and our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of neuromuscular diseases patients by increasing the success of drugs in clinical development.

Pablo Herrero-Hernandez
Rodrigo Canibano Fraile
Jessica de Greef
Pim Pijnappel
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Pablo Herrero-Hernandez