Redefining neuromuscular drug development with advanced tissue models

Building on a 3D in vitro muscle model technology developed in the internationally renowned lab of prof. Pim Pijnappel at Erasmus MC, Myonovum will offer analysis services to pharma and biotech companies in the field of drug development for neuromuscular diseases. By doing so, Myonovum will catalyse expedited development of improved therapies and therapeutic strategies, ultimately leading to improved care for patients suffering from neuromuscular disorders such as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

Regardless of the identification of over 700 skeletal muscle disorders and our growing scientific understanding of them, therapeutic options remain limited, affecting approximately 750,000 patients in Europe and the US. The main reason for this stagnation in the development of urgently needed treatments is a significantly lower than industry average clinical trial success rate, caused by a lack of suitable physiologically representative in vitro modelling systems for human neuromuscular diseases.  Myonovum will address this gap by offering advanced 3D muscle-on-chip models, initially focusing on DMD, to enhance prediction of drug efficacy in humans. Our proprietary multi-patented technology consists of human induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (hiPSC)-derived cell lines, 3D Tissue Engineered Skeletal Muscles (3D-TESMs), and rapid disease modelling methodologies, providing a robust platform for drug development. Specifically, we will offer reliable pre-clinical drug efficacy studies based on isogenic models and multiple cell lines which allow comprehensive and customisable testing. With a strategic partnership for precise contractility measurements and an extensive library of healthy and diseased cells, Myonovum aims to revolutionise the neuromuscular disorder drug development market, paving the way for personalised treatments and improving patient outcomes.

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Alessandro Iuliano