NatInLab develops promising compounds to battle Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is becoming a healthcare burden of epidemic proportions for which there is no effective and safe cure. The first drug (aducanumab, antibody therapy) that addresses the underlying biology of the disease is highly controversial due to its severe side effects. The research team led by Dr. E. Weglarz-Tomczak (who as an academic researcher developed lead compounds currently in advanced clinical development for COVID-19) performs high-tech research on two enzymes that are key factors in molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease. Those enzymes (cysteine proteases) control five important hallmarks of Alzheimer's (amyloid beta plaques, neurofibrillary tangles, α-synuclein aggregation, neuroinflammation, and cell death).

Our proof-of-concept project led us to the identification of inhibitors with potency in the submicromolar range. A pilot safety study on human cell lines showed no toxicity. Initial experiments on a cell-based model demonstrated the potent activity of our lead structures. Therefore, we expect our compounds to be curative and show minimal side effects. Our team, consisting of Dr. E. Weglarz-Tomczak (CSO), Dr. J. Tomczak (Head of AI), Prof. A. Colangelo (expert in neuroscience), L. van Bokhorst (CBDO), and D. Visser (COO), is well-positioned to progress rapidly.

Commercialization of NatInLab medicines will have an impact on society worldwide and generate significant income. We have specified all steps required to enter clinical trials, and in this investment round, we aim for around three million Euros to complete the preclinical studies.



Ewelina Weglarz-Tomczak
Jakub Tomczak
Devon Visser
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Ewelina Weglarz-Tomczak