Human iPSC solutions for Drug Discovery & Cell Therapy

Ncardia is a full-stack human iPSC technology company operating worldwide with facilities, offices and staff in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and North America. Ncardia is built on the belief and trust that stem technology will help to get better therapies to patients faster. Our goal is to be the trusted partner for biopharmaceutical companies utilizing hiPSCs in drug discovery and cell therapy.

The cardiac products encompass hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and a broad neural cell portfolio. Building on this expertise, Ncardia provides a comprehensive menu of cardiovascular and neuronal services – from disease modeling to drug efficacy screening and cardiac safety assessment.

Ncardia was formed in August 2017 following an acquisition by Pluriomics. Pluriomics was founded in 2011 by Stefan Braam and Herman Spolders, together with the scientific founders Prof. Dr. Mummery and Prof. Dr. Passier.

Ncardia is a leader in contract research and contract development and manufacture of human induced pluripotent stem cell-based drug discovery and cell therapy solutions. Our capabilities include disease modeling, assay development, large-scale iPSC manufacturing, and iPSC-based screening. Ncardia is a dedicated team of iPSC experts that uses our industry knowledge and experience to develop and deliver innovative stem cell-based services to serve our customers.

Stefan Braam
Robert Passier
Ronald Dekker
Anja van der Stolpe
Startup activities

Winner Venture Challenge Fall 2009

Pluriomics Winner Venture Challenge Fall 2009

Stefan Braam