Break-through technology in renal clearance modelling

Nephroclear developed a break-through technology in renal clearance modelling, catering to high unmet needs in the global pharmaceutical industry to better predict dosing regimens of new drug candidates. Our technology is based on a microfluidic system, in which renal proximal tubule cells (ciPTECs) are cultured on hollow fiber membranes, enabling highly sought after renal clearance assessments. Compared to competing innovations, our system excels at key criteria such as physiological relevance, reproducibility, and ease of use. The technology is in the early phase of patenting and the ciPTEC cells are already patented. Upon further development and validation of the platform, most likely in collaboration with big pharma, Nephroclear will offer CRO services to pharmaceutical clients on a fee-for-service basis. We initially seek an investment of €600k to further develop, validate and commercialise the technology to have a market launch after 2 years. For year 3-5 we seek an additional €800k to accelerate our commercial growth and enable profitability in year 5 and a cash flow of €11m in year 7. Nephroclear’s team consists of a strong mix of experts with their unique strengths to make Nephroclear a success. Bas Evers, business developer at Cell4Pharma, has commercial experience and insights in the field of providing kidney-related CRO services to pharmaceutical companies and an active network of potential clients for Nephroclear. Thom van der Made, postdoctoral researcher at University Utrecht, has extensive scientific and technical knowledge and experience in the field. Hossein Eslami Amirabadi, consultant at Azar Innovations, is an expert in Organ-on-a-chip technology with a vast network in advanced modelling. All in all, Nephroclear has the potential to become the next gold-standard in renal clearance assays.

Bas Evers
Thom van der Made
Hossein Eslami Amirabadi
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