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At NestEgg Labs, we simplify 3D cell culture through automation. Companies and institutions are recognising the benefits of using 3D cell cultures over 2D and animal models. The transition to 3D is already well underway as signalled by regulatory agencies. Limitations remain, reproducibility being the most pressing one, and there is no solution in the market addressing this need. Competitors have been unable to develop systems that combine the three critical aspects of any cell maintenance workflow: cell feeding, monitoring, and undisturbed environmental conditions. As a result, 3D research continues to be non-standard, prone to variability and contamination, slowing the transition to animal-free research. To this end, we have developed Ovation, an automated platform capable of combining Lens-Free Imaging technology for constant cell monitoring and flexible fluid handling for cell maintenance inside a controlled environment, letting cells grow without unnecessary manual interference.

Labs using Ovation will enjoy more consistent results and more efficiency meaning annual savings equal to the initial cost by the end of second year. We will first target research institutions and work with them to validate the technology, using their input to develop it further. As Ovation's install-base expands, knowledge sharing between users at companies and institutes will be incentivised. To launch this product, we need to raise €2m seed funding in 2023. We will focus our spending on R&D, specifically on prototyping and validation, as well as hiring technicians and business developers. The innovation brought by Ovation to every lab will empower researchers, making 3D cell-based research accessible and reproducible – ultimately not just the obvious, but also the logical choice for animal-free research.

Tanner Carden
Francesco Pappalardo
Natania Leongson
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Tanner Carden