NeuroGut Insights

NeuroGut Insights is the go-to service company to address any questions on the effect of intestinal components on healthy brain development. Newborns are a substantial target group, with 70 million newborn babies being dependent on replacers of mother milk, so-called infant formulae. While it is known that diet critically affects infant brain development, the wealth of nutrients and ingredients available to target the brain is extensive. Our platform provides the necessary means to identify and understand which nutrients optimally support children’s brain development streamlining the product development process. Our strength lies in the way we can monitor the impact of diet on the brain by using human organ-on-chip technology and biomarker read-outs associated with cognition. We thereby push the boundaries to better understand brain development as a function of diet, while offering the potential to make more informed decisions on, for example, formulae composition, without the need to perform lengthy and expensive human clinical trials or use animal models that inaccurately replicate human physiology. In this way, time to market can be substantially reduced with better products targeting human developing physiology. The platform is designed to generate growing and iterative knowledge and insights on nutrition-mediated brain support. That is what NeuroGut Insights stands for! We are a team of well-trained and dedicated experts, excited to share our thoughts and expertise on nutritional impact on developing brains.

Kerensa Broersen
Lena Koch
Jolien Wolbert
Robin Pampiermole
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