Advanced human 3D culture/organoid screening services

OcellO is a CRO that offers compound screening and profiling using cultured human tissues. OcellO’s unique screening platform is based on technology developed at Leiden University. Based at the Leiden Bio Science Park, OcellO works together with both academic and business partners, nationally and internationally.

OcellO utilises three-dimensional (3D) cell culture to generate human micro-tissues and organoids in a high throughput format. With a gene expression profile and functionality that more closely resembles the human situation, cultured tissues represents a more physiologically relevant in vitro context to perform drug screening, lead characterisation and target validation. OcellO offers a high-throughput HCS (high content screening) service using cultured tissues combined with automated imaging and analysis. This provides rich information about the role of drug targets and therapeutic molecules in complex biological systems, including insight into activity, polypharmacology and toxicity, allowing decision-making based on relevant biological data.

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