Panorama Laboratories

Panorama Laboratories is building a new class of lab devices

Instead of measuring characteristics of samples, we measure characteristics of protocols while they are being executed. These devices will allow for instant and objective documentation of high impact actions in the lab.

Our first lab device is an add-on for micropipettes. By attaching the Panorama Beacon to a micropipette, all pipetting actions including aspiration/discpensing, volume setting and tip management are documented without any need of human intervention.

After finishing the Beacon, we are building a new device every 6 months to automate the documentation of other high impact actions in Life Science R&D labs.

We are releasing the first version of this system in summer 2023, when we will have 5 devices to automatically document the 5 most impactful R&D protocol steps instantly and objectively.

Are you a curious QA or Lab Manager? Do you want a Panoramic view of your R&D laboratory? You can read more about pilot projects and our technology on

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