PrecorDx develops a non-invasive diagnostic platform aimed at reducing hospital admissions and mortality in heart failure (19.5M patients in the USA and EU). This new diagnostic modality is based on the unique, novel Radio-Frequency Sensing (RFS) technology, which was invented in the group of prof. van den Berg at the UMC Utrecht and patented in 2021.

It was shown that hospitalization (28%) and mortality (32%) in heart failure patients can be reduced by monitoring disease progression and adapting medication accordingly. This is currently only possible with an invasive device (CardioMems, Abbott). With RFS, PrecorDx offers a non-invasive solution to monitor heart failure disease progression. Because of the existing clinical evidence, we expect an accelerated time to market by comparing the diagnostic value of RFS directly with its invasive competitor. Our preliminary funding need is estimated at €10-€15M total investment to get to market.

The PrecorDx team currently consists of a mix of academic/technical expertise and business expertise. Our team has built a strong network of clinical advisors which have confirmed the value proposition for heart failure monitoring. Finally, various follow-on applications have been identified, with total market opportunity potential exceeding >€500M.

Jaap de Bruin
Bart Steensma
Nico van den Berg
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Jaap de Bruin