Accurate and sensitive detection of disease in their initial stage

QVQ BV will become the first company to commercialise labelled single domain antibodies from camelids (professionally called functionalized VHH) for Research and Imaging. VHHs are derived from a special kind of antibodies found in camelids, including llamas. These special antibodies lack the light chains and therefore the binding part of the antibody consists of only one single domain.

These single domain antibodies of 15kD are therefore the smallest naturally occurring binding units derived from antibodies.

To become a supplier of top-end market products, QVQ will work closely together with top academic and industrial groups and will actively stimulate research in these areas. From the benefits gained from these collaborations, QVQ will make proprietary VHHs ready-for-sale.

QVQ will focus on VHHs involved in imaging and or detection of biomarkers in the three following disease areas:

  1. Infectious diseases
  2. Cancer
  3. Age related diseases

QVQ will use the expertise of top groups to verify the superiority of their products over products presently in the market.

Edward Dolk
Raimond Heukers
Startup activities

Pre-Seed Grant 2011