River Biomedics

Human heart models to improve drug discovery and development

The costs of mortality and morbidity caused by cardiovascular disease are surpassing $320 billion annually, which provides a growing market opportunity for pharmaceutical industry. However, pharma has been failing to reach the market with new drugs for novel disease targets mostly due to poor drug validation done at pre-clinical stages. Current animal and 2D cell models are not predictive enough for proper drug efficacy validation. River BioMedics offers new human cardiac 3D models for target validation during drug discovery.  Our 3D models are scalable to high-throughput and provide clinically relevant cardiac readouts for reliable drug efficacy validation. We offer in-house drug validation services on our cardiac disease models. River BioMedics can offer its customers exclusivity rights for a specific disease model in exchange for an upfront payment followed by milestone payments, based on the success of the drug through its clinical development. 

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