Solving the insoluble

Pharmaceutical companies have one major problem, poor bioavailability stops drugs getting to the market. Solving this problem takes a long time, costs a lot of money and reduces highly profitable patent life. This is a €9.2 billion market.

SeraNovo’s proprietary formulation platform radically increases bioavailability and allows products to reach the market significantly quicker, at a lower cost.

For every drug, SeraNovo creates a purpose designed eutectic mixture and couples it with polymers to create a formulation. When orally administered these formulations create a supersaturated state in the intestine resulting in a significantly higher bioavailability.

SeraNovo is seeking an investment of €600,000 to validate the technology and establish the first two licence agreements. In year 5 SeraNovo will have established 14 licence agreements with major pharmaceutical companies. Successful licence agreements will lead to a % of net sales when the licensee’s drug reaches the market


Niall Hodgins
Bastiaan Kluft
Ian Degeling
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Winner Venture Challenge Fall 2018

SeraNovo Winner Venture Challenge Fall 2018

Niall Hodgins