Hypertrophic scar formation is a major problem for burn wound survivors and is associated with lifelong pain, chronic itch, physical disability, and psychological issues. Current treatments for hypertrophic scars have limited effect, mainly because animal models fail to predict clinical outcome of potential new treatments. Therefore, there is an unmet need for appropriate human hypertrophic scar models emulating human disease that can be used to develop and test new drugs and treatments.

Simplexable provides three-dimensional human scar models that are suitable for high content screening of compounds, targeting key events of hypertrophic scar formation. These models are already used in ongoing projects with paying pharma multinationals. Overall, our models mimic human hypertrophic scar formation and therefore have a good predictive value, are cost-effective, reproducible and have better throughput when compared to pigs and human ex-plants.

Simplexable, based within Amsterdam UMC, is founded by a team of researchers who are experts in the field of skin disease modelling. We are a full-service company and consult in design and experimental set up and we perform all experimental work including analysis. We need €100.000 starting investment to expand our venture. We expect to break even in 2023 and reach accumulative revenue of €5.500.000 in 2026. We envision to become market leader in high content pre-clinical testing of drugs that target hypertrophic scar formation. 



Jasper Koning
Ibrahim Korkmaz
Stephanie Beekhuis
Maaike Waasdorp
Lin Shang
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Jasper Koning