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In an average lifetime, you will break a bone twice, and half of the fractures are treated by a surgeon using a metal plate and screws. The correct screw length is important because too short screws lead to implant instability or failure, and too long screws poke in sensitive tissue resulting in pain for the patient. Both cases could lead to a re-surgery for the patient. The current tool to determine the needed screw length, the manual depth gauge, is inadequate as it is error-prone and a hassle to use. In interviews 19 out of 20 surgeons indicated they want a solution for this problem.

SLAM Ortho has developed an automated, accurate and fast bore depth measurement system. It is compatible with the currently used drill machines and drill bitsThis leads to: No time lost in (repeated) measurements, no extra x-rays needed, no wasted implants, no extra actions needed and a decreased risk of re-surgery for the patient. The patented technology has been tested on human bones in cadaveric specimens in which it outperformed the manual gauge.

Our first product will target a market of 10mln / yr orthopaedic trauma procedures for fractures in extremities and will be offered as a subscription to hospitals for EUR 30 per surgery. After market entry, the scope will be expanded to include smaller bone fractures in hands, wrists and face. Secondary products can further provide value using the sensor system as a platform.

Together with partner hospitals (RDG, MCL and an academic, potentially Erasmus) in two years we will make the product ready for production and achieve Class IIa CE certification. In 2023 and 2024 we will start direct sales in NL and DE, respectively, to learn from our home market. The next years we will expand sales in Western countries with distributors. The first product will generate over EUR 20 million revenue in 2027. 

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Winner Venture Challenge Fall 2020

SLAM Ortho winner Venture Challenge Fall 2020

Bart Kölling