Regenerating diseased arteries without performing surgery

The stent market is a multibillion-dollar landscape where technological developments have vastly improved patient outcomes throughout the years. With the recent FDA approval of bioabsorbable stent technologies for the first time, another giant leap has just been made. The latest generation of stents is now bioabsorbable. However, the revolutionary stent will regenerate the vessel.

STENTiT developed a disruptive technological platform that shapes the first-of-its-kind regenerative stent. This unique product brings the best of two words by providing instant support to the diseased artery and simultaneously triggering vascular regeneration using the patient’s circulating blood cells. Made out of a fully biodegradable supportive porous structure, the regenerative stent will be the only device on the market that brings vascular regeneration to the patient without relying on invasive surgical procedures.

The STENTiT technology can be used for various clinical indications to:

  • Instantly open stenotic lesions and trigger reinforcement of the vessel wall in atherosclerotic peripheral and coronary indications.
  • Minimally-invasive creation of new arteries that can take over the load of aneurysmatic regions.
  • Radically improve treatment of pediatric patients suffering from congenital heart defects, where biodegradable stenting and vascular regeneration could allow further growth.

With convincing proof-of-concept evidence and first results supporting the regenerative and stenting capacity of its product in animals, STENTiT is a fast moving company on their way to provide a true game-changer in the stent arena.

Surrounded by an experienced team of advisors, key opinion leaders, strong strategic alliances with suppliers and links to scientific, clinical, regulatory and industrial partners, STENTiT established an optimal environment to bring the regenerative stent to the patient.

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