T-Cell Factory

Therapeutic T cell receptor (TCR) genes

T Cell Factory (TCF) will identify and develop therapeutic T cell receptor (TCR) genes for the growing market of cancer therapies. The TCR-based cancer therapies that TCF will enable can be applied to a broad spectrum of tumor targets that are inaccessible to other therapies (e.g. antibodies and small-molecules) and has already shown therapeutic efficacy in Phase I/II clinical trials. With recent evidence for therapeutic efficacy, and with a market potential comparable to that of monoclonal antibodies, large scale development of TCR based cancer therapy by pharmaceutical industry has started. Crucially though, the identification of therapeutic TCRs for different cancer types forms a major bottleneck, and this is the issue that TCF can and will solve.

First, the company will use proprietary high-throughput technologies for the efficient isolation of TCR candidates against any cancer of interest (TCR Discoverer™). Second, the company will utilize a proprietary technology (TCR Profiler™) for the rapid selection of TCR lead candidates with the highest therapeutic efficacy. This technological basis is complemented by GMP process development capacities plus clinical expertise, allowing TCF to test its therapeutic TCR genes in early clinical studies in a highly time- and cost-efficient manner.

T-Call Factory was acquired by Kite Pharma in 2015

Ton Schumacher
Georg Dössinger
Carsten Linnemann
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Acquired by Kite Pharma in 2015