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Illuminating the cellular proteome

The market for mRNA therapeutics has grown exponentially since the successful vaccination of over 3 billion people with COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. With over 500 clinical trials and even more preclinical projects underway, thorough evaluation of mRNA therapeutic candidates is essential to prevent side-effects that would compromise safety. Recent findings published in Nature by researchers from Cambridge University revealed that mRNA therapeutics like Pfizer/BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine can produce immunogenic protein by-products in patients, potentially triggering harmful immune responses. Detection of these protein by-products and optimization of the mRNA sequence are crucial in mRNA therapeutics development to prevent unintended side effects and ensure the safety and reliability of future mRNA therapeutics. However, mRNA therapeutic developers currently lack a method to directly detect, identify, and quantify protein by-products induced by their mRNA therapeutic candidates.

THRONCAT Analytics offers a service in optimizing mRNA sequences for safety by detecting, identifying, and quantifying protein by-products of mRNA therapeutics. Our proprietary THRONCAT metabolic protein labelling technology enriches protein by-products from mRNA-treated cells, enabling sensitive detection and analysis through mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics. Our custom bioinformatics platform then recommends optimized mRNA sequences to ensure optimal safety. The unparalleled sensitivity of our THRONCAT technology is crucial, as conventional MS-based methods cannot adequately detect protein by-products induced by mRNA therapy. As the inventors of the THRONCAT technology, our team — Dr. Bob Ignacio (CEO), Dr. Kim Bonger (Scientific Advisor), and Dr. Frits Mattijssen (Business Developer) — is uniquely positioned to leverage THRONCAT for mRNA optimization. With our mRNA optimization service, THRONCAT Analytics provides early de-risking of preclinical mRNA therapeutic candidates to pharmaceutical companies and contract development and manufacturing organizations that develop mRNA therapeutics.

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