A fast pre-hospital solution for early stroke diagnosis

A third of all global healthcare costs are spent on stroke.1 Fast treatment is essential to improve the outcome of patients with an acute ischemic stroke. Half of patients with a severe stroke are currently not brought to the right hospital, delaying treatment (thrombectomy), which worsens the outcome of patients. At TrianecT, we develop StrokePointer: a fast pre-hospital solution for early stroke diagnosis, based on a robust and easy to use cap with dry electrodes and electroencephalography (EEG) hardware in combination with software running our proprietary AI-based algorithms.

With StrokePointer, any paramedic can diagnose severe stroke patients in the ambulance and bring these patients directly to the right hospital for the right treatment. This saves 90 minutes per patient, which will decrease the number of stroke patients in nursing homes by 10%. StrokePointer prototypes have already been tested in real-life situations in the emergency department and in 12 ambulances.

The TrianecT team consists of a technical physician, stroke neurologist, AI expert, and business developer with ample start-up experience. During the development of StrokePointer we have set up alliances with various partners such as ambulance services and an EEG hardware provider. First sales are foreseen for 2023. With a clinical trial, the economic value of StrokePointer will be proven after which it is expected that pre-hospital stroke triage with StrokePointer will be part of usual care such that purchases are paid by insurance companies. We seek a total investment of 2.5M€, and expect to reach the break-even point in 2027, with an annual revenue of approximately 10M€ by 2028.

Wouter Potters
Jonathan Coutinho
Henk Marquering
Ruben Boyd
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