targeting the ubiquitin system

Our products are targeted at Pharma companies and academic research labs. Next to our reagent business, we develop specific HTS assays and we initiate HTS programs, both for internal drug discovery as well as partnered with Pharma.

With our proprietary technology platform we can fully synthesise site-selective ubiquitinated peptides of native conformation, using automated solid phase peptide synthesis. Access to well-defined ubiquitinated peptides and conjugates, which could so far not be routinely produced (bio)chemically, is of paramount importance for screening assays for the identification of new drugs for unmet medical need, as well as for fundamental research and structural studies.

The timing of launching UbiQ is advantageous: with drug targets becoming available, there is an increasing demand for both research tools and reagents for high throughput screening assays in the ubiquitin field. First sales of our products were made in December 2010 and sales are increasing every year.

Alfred Nijkerk
Startup activities

Pre-Seed Grant 2009