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Functional cell selection, better insight, optimal care

The Challenge Despite decades of research and billions spent, 50% of cancer patients still die, due to incomplete eradication of heterogeneous tumors. In particular the existence of rare, aggressive, cancer-driving cells causes therapy resistance and treatment failure. Current technology fails to accurately identify and isolate these rare cells, thereby severely hampering development of effective cancer treatments.

The Solution UFO Biosciences offers its patented key enabling technology FUNsice for automated, high throughput selection of specific single cells exhibiting dynamic cancer-driving phenotypes. FUNsice can process 3D samples and allows high-resolution analysis of true single cells, altogether differentiating us from currently available technology. By identifying, selecting and isolating single cells, UFO Biosciences enables the identification of the important genes that are missed with current technology.

The Team UFO Biosciences consists of Miao-Ping Chien and Daan Brinks, Harvard trained scientists now affiliated with Oncode Institute, Erasmus MC and TU Delft; and Debby Vissers and Veerle Fleskens, Business Developers from Erasmus MC and Oncode Institute with over 10 years of collective experience in (pharmaceutical) industry.

The Ambition UFO Biosciences’ ambition is to enable better cancer care by creating treatment options for rare, cancer-driving cell populations that escape traditional treatment. To achieve this, FUNsice technology will be used to profile rare cancer-driving cells. The resulting database of genomic and transcriptomic signatures will be used for biomarker and drug development. In the early stages of the company, cashflow can be supplemented by selling functional cell selection as a service. Investment of 4.2 million euro is sought for further validation and to set-up facilities and operations.

Miao-Ping Chien
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