UPyTher provides custom solutions for controlled, local prolonged drug delivery

UPyTher develops custom drug delivery solutions for conventional and next generation therapeutics. Our lead indication will revolutionize the treatment of peritoneal cancer, which is one of the most deadly cancers and affects hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide. Aggressive hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) is considered standard of care, but is also associated with poor therapeutic efficacy because it only allows short exposure to the drug. UPyTher offers a single shot therapy for peritoneal cancer that allows local continuous drug exposure to improve therapeutic efficacy, patient recovery and survival. Our platform is based on proprietary supramolecular polymer chemistry and consists of a modular hydrogel drug depot and a common chemotherapeutic drug. The unique features of this platform enable local therapy, prolonged release of a hydrophilic drug with enhanced tumor penetration, whereas comparable hydrogels for local drug delivery typically lack this combination. Moreover, our versatile hydrogel platform is compatible with various types of therapeutics including small molecule drugs and biologics. This has been shown in preclinical models of cardiac and renal disease and demonstrates the unrivalled potential of this technology for future expansion towards other indications.

UPyTher combines expertise in supramolecular chemistry and biomedical engineering and is founded on technology that is developed in the group of Professor Patricia Dankers at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Her involvement secures UPyTher’s position in the forefront of drug delivery research via contacts with leading scientists, medical experts and industry. Dr. Peter-Paul Fransen has been involved since the early development of UPyTher technology and brings in unique know-how on design, synthesis and modification of the hydrogel and drug compounds. The team is complemented by dr. Geert van Almen who has a background in life sciences and valorization of biomaterials and is committed to development and implementation of UPyTher’s commercialization strategy.

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